Individual/Couples Therapy

In her work with traditional therapy clients, Dr. Thomas strives to create a treatment environment that is safe, productive, and is cultivated by client input as much as her own. She asserts, “I believe you are the expert on your own life and your perspective on it is essential to our process.” Dr. Thomas works with clients on a variety of challenges such as adjustment to major life changes, anxiety, depression, identity development, racial stress, relationship conflicts, and work stress. While she enjoys working with clients who are already motivated to experience change in their lives, she also understands how difficult this work can be; and as such, support and empathy are at the heart of all she does. “For me, the goal is to balance validating you, the client, while also challenging you to confront obstacles and to see your life through alternate lenses.”



One of Dr. Thomas’ passions is working with elite athletes. Her research interests involve exploration of the distinct developmental trajectory of high performing athletes. She also recognizes the distinct challenges and stressors facing these athletes such as character and racial identity development in the context of college and professional sports, and grief and loss experienced at the end of athlete’s careers. “In my private practice, I work with athletes, at various stages of development, addressing issues affecting them most evidently outside of their sports, with the ultimate goal of improving performance in their sports. This work, which I call "Off Court Coaching", is fundamentally different than traditional therapy in style and approach, but implements evidence based interventions.” 


Pro Bono

Dr. Thomas has a strong commitment to social justice issues and it is important to her that this is reflected all aspects of her professional conduct. As such, she dedicates part of her private practice to the cost-free treatment of military veterans with trauma related issues and other mental health concerns through the organization Give an Hour. She has also offered sliding scale and cost-free treatment for Black Lives Matter advocates.